PUBG PC Servers Are Down Now [UPDATE]

3383191 pubg+new+thumb - PUBG PC Servers Are Down Now [UPDATE]


3383191 pubg+new+thumb - PUBG PC Servers Are Down Now [UPDATE]

[UPDATE] The server maintenance has now begun.

The original story is below.

A major update is on the way to PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds on PC. The patch is being deployed tonight, May 2, and will be preceded by a round of maintenance, during which time servers will be taken offline as developer PUBG Corp. rolls the new content out to the live game.

Update #12 arrives shortly after the end of PUBG’s current ranked season, which formally concluded on May 1. Maintenance is scheduled to begin at 7 PM PT / 10 PM ET (3 AM BST on May 3) and is expected to last approximately four hours, although there is always a chance it may wrap up sooner or later than estimated.

Following the maintenance period, the update will be available for all players on PC. It introduces a new gun to the game–the SLR–as well as the ability to choose which map you’d prefer to be matched up on. PUBG Corp. has also added a new vehicle to Miramar: the Mirado, a four-seat car that can be found in downtown areas and on main city streets.

Additionally, Update 12 makes sweeping changes to weapon balance. PUBG Corp. says the reason for these adjustments is to ensure that no specific weapon feels “objectively better” than the others. The update also introduces a slate of new attachments, including the duckbill for shotguns, several grips, and two new scopes.

Finally, the new patch makes an assortment of bug fixes and a handful of improvements to Miramar, namely adding and removing some buildings and cover. You can find the full patch notes for Update 12 on Steam.


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